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Since our firm’s founding in New York City, we have committed ourselves to give our clients the best services possible. The value that our clients anticipate from us requires effective reporting and tracking procedures, professional litigation risk management strategies, greater cost stability, and, most crucially, RESULTS. We are fully aware that providing value to clients means more than merely comparing hourly rates. Our company is devoted to relieving our clients of the responsibility they have been carrying. As a result, you may rest assured that your estate is in good care even when you are no longer with us. We fight to bring justice to every client as if they were members of our own family. Being among the most well-known law firms in New York City, we have dealt with hundreds of issues and found solutions to them. As a result, we have gained a thorough awareness of the issues you might encounter and know just what to do to resolve them. With a practice specifically focused on estate planning, powers of attorney, asset coverage, estate litigation, wills, trusts, elderly law, and guardianship, our attorneys have developed extensive expertise in handling a wide range of lower to severe legal complications. Our qualified lawyers who have years of experience drafting wills and trusts in NYC are here to help you with any of your legal needs, including drafting a will, or trust, estate planning naming a guardian for children, safeguarding your family’s inheritance, or needing legal counsel to handle probate.

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Estate planning, litigation, powers of attorney, asset coverage, probate, wills, trusts, elder law, child custody after death, and other legal concerns are not easy to solve. Even if one has lots of knowledge regarding probate, it can only be achieved with patience, persistence, and, most importantly, experience. This means you need substantial legal knowledge and expertise to resolve legal conflicts involving any of these.

By choosing our firm, you can have a team of professionals who will manage all of your legal difficulties with little or no involvement from you. This team will comprise some of the best lawyers and law specialists with decades of expertise in probate and drafting wills and trusts in NYC. Our firm will handle all your requests correctly, and our professionals will ensure that you are safeguarded across all court procedures and have the most accessible and convenient experience possible.

We concentrate on the standard of life and health-related issues like Medicare preparation in addition to offering financial guidance on subjects like avoiding estate tax and capital gains management; We are happy to provide elder legal services to protect the dignity of our clients, consider the wishes of individuals living with health challenges and other obstacles.

Free consultation 24/7

Don't have much knowledge of how wills and trusts in NYC function? Struggling to draught on your own?

Over the years, numerous families have received legal aid from our team of experienced attorneys with problems related to wills and trusts in NYC. They are the best lawyers with years of expertise in handling probate and preparing wills and trusts in NYC, and you can count on them to assist you until all of your legal issues about wills and trusts are settled and your will or trust is prepared.

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It may be prudent to contact a specialist in this field and schedule a consultation for free with one of our leading will lawyers with expertise in handling probate and creating wills and trusts in NYC if you are having problems with wills or trusts are trapped in the probate process.

Are you attempting to prepare your awaiting filings but having problems acquiring the required documents?

We are here to help; with our help, you can manage and arrange the paperwork required for the probate process, and you can have the top probate attorneys who have years of experience drafting wills and trusts in NYC, draught legal documents for you, including a power of attorney (If necessary.), a will, a trust, a living will, or a living trust.

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How we intend to simplify and accelerate the court proceedings of the probate process for you -

Here is a small glimpse of the roadmap of your probate process and how we will be handling it.

1. Finding the Required Document-
in case a family member or close relative eventually dies, the estate’s Authorized Advocates are tasked with locating and identifying a few crucial documents that the probate court will need to determine how and with whom to split the decedent’s assets. A death certificate, the last will or testament, trusts, estate deeds, financial information, funeral expenses, etc., may be included in these records.

2. Preparing court documents –
Probating an estate will start with preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to the court. An attorney must typically prepare these documents. The leading probate lawyers and legal consultants with extensive experience in preparing wills and trusts in NYC are available at our firm. They can expedite the process and ensure that the necessary paperwork is submitted to the probate court for approval, among other things.

3. Asset Registration for Probate –
The designated estate representative must carefully evaluate the decedent’s holdings to determine which items are part of the probate estate. The Personal Representative might be required to verify the trust agreements, estate deeds, bank statements, and beneficiary designations. Our knowledgeable probate lawyers, who have decades of knowledge regarding wills and trusts in NYC, could benefit you in this situation.

4. Addressing and resolving Existing Debt Charges –
After assessing each of the decedent’s assets, the executor of that estate is usually expected to contact the deceased’s creditors to settle and pay any current debt claims properly. Our team’s attorneys have backgrounds in both management and financing, which will prevent the client’s estate from collapsing.

5. Distribution of Assets –
Once the probated estate of the deceased has been assessed and all obligations have been cleared, the Estates Representative must distribute the remaining probate assets in line with the deceased’s will or intestate laws. A probate attorney can help and advise the Estates Representative during this process or handle the whole process independently. The deceased appointed them as the estate’s representative, which might call for the appraisal or sale of particular assets.

It is essential to work systematically and in accordance with a predetermined strategy for better results. We have established a unique working style over the course of many years. There are 5 phases in total.

Phase 1

Phase 1: The client approaches us in the first phase to clarify their problem, either by phone or email. We look over the information they provide, assess the sort of situation, and then choose an experienced lawyer for the next phase.

Phase 2

A lawyer is chosen by our firm to evaluate the client’s condition and determine whether there are any special needs, such such as the requirement to draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, custody arrangements, living wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, or estate planning agreements. All documents will be reviewed by our lawyers, who will inform the client if there are any documents still pending. They even provide advice and solutions that are most advantageous to the client’s current condition in an effort to prevent probate.

Phase 3

Following the assessment of the criteria and the organization of all outstanding documents, the third phase begins. Our experts will start the paperwork and thoroughly examine everything throughout this phase to ascertain which laws or contract terms will be implemented, what simulations might occur, and what steps should be taken to fulfill the client’s needs without going through the probate procedure.

Phase 4

During the fourth phase, the client is informed of the work that has been completed so far and asked if they are okay with it or if there are any changes to be made or additional requests they may have. The following stage will begin if the client accepts, or adjustments will be made until the client is happy with the outcomes and approves to proceed to the final stage.

Phase 5

This is the last and easiest stage for our team—our team’s commitment and effort end once the judges declare their decision. After the previous stage, clients can now rate or give a comprehensive review of our company based on their interactions with us and opinions of our services.

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3. Performance of work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Establishing an estate plan as soon as possible is recommended. When one is young and just starting out in life, it is simple to put off thinking about how you would like to leave behind a legacy. But without a planned strategy in place, your legacy may be subject to high taxes, disputes over succession, and several other avoidable issues. You may make sure your household is taken care of and that your desires are honored by putting an estate plan in place.
Any time your life or financial goals dramatically alter, you should revise your estate plan. Substantial life occurrences may include the birth of new family members, health changes, weddings or divorces, significant asset changes, and other significant life events. Some individuals revise their estate strategies once a year. Never forget how frequently life changes. Regularly reviewing your plan to make sure that it still achieves your objectives is a sound investment.

For two reasons, the New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA, requires the Trust:

  1. More funding will be made available. By moving to project-based Tenant Protection Voucher (TPV) funding, NYCHA can receive a federal subsidy that is twice as much. However, under present federal regulations, this new subsidy can only be received through a disposition to another entity. This second organization would be The Trust, a wholly public organization that collaborated with locals.
  2. It will offer better procurement regulations. The State addressed and modified existing procurement restrictions that dramatically increased NYCHA’s expenses, prolonged the construction process, and annoyed residents when they were developing the Trust Act.
Properties remain completely open to the public under the Trust concept. The building is owned, under the management of, and controlled by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Daily maintenance and operations will be handled by public employees of NYCHA. There are no sales of land or buildings or private managers. With PACT, a third party operates the premises while NYCHA continues to remain the long-term owner of the properties and land and residents keep their rights. Thus, neither the capital improvements nor the ongoing property management is now handled by NYCHA, making trusts more reliable than PACT.